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How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

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New Year’s Resolution Reality

It’s that time of year again.  Millions of Americans are dusting off those sneakers and activating their gym memberships in hopes of finishing the resolution marathon that lies ahead.  You’ve heard the countless names of these popular resolution marathons: the classic lose 20, or the no-carbathon, the no-buts-butt-eraser, and the cardio-LaDiDaDio just to name a few.


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Unfortunately unlike most marathons where participants incorporate much planning and training, too many fail to plan for the resolution marathon and subsequently cannot compete much less complete a personal best.  The biggest obstacles to resolution failure are confusion, boredom and lack of time and we have addressed them here so you can get right to work on your New Year’s goal.

Time: It’s valuable and it seems like there is never enough…right.  We all live very busy productive sometimes hectic lives. So how do we find the time to get to the gym?  Well enter the fit401 personal trainer with a solution for everyone.   A very productive and successful strength workout should take 30 minutes.  For example, a session concentrating on just upper body muscle groups with several sets and multiple repetitions for each exercise coupled with minimal rest can provide an intensely effective workout in a short amount of time.  Below is an actual workout example provided by a fit401 personal trainer.  Doing this just 3 times per week is a simple and not life altering.  If you have more time, then add 30 minutes of preferred cardio on in-between days and you’re well on your way to great health and resolution success.

Boredom: This is the 2nd biggest reason resolutions fail.  Who wants to do the same workout over and over?  It’s boring-yawn, not to mention non-productive. Simple changes to the order of exercises are a great way to add spice.  It’s like driving a different way to work.  You know where you are going, but the new scenery refreshes the commute. While implementing new exercises, changing the order and/or rest periods will allow you to see wellness gains and stay motivated for the long term.

Confusion: Even for those of us that are familiar with the gym and exercise in general, confusion about how to use our exercise time can stop us dead in our tracks.  No one wants to roam around the gym wondering what he/she should be doing next. (Didn’t we just discuss how precious our time is?) A personal trainer can solve this problem meeting you at each training session, but not everyone has the money.   Solution: a preplanned workout program designed by a fit401 trainer specifically for your goals.   Fit401 programs are designed by a National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) professional, who ensures that your work out is at an intensity level that will provide maximum benefit.

We’ve figured out what stopped you from sticking to your New Year’s fitness resolutions in the past and provided the answers for your success. Because, the simple truth is that you’ll meet your goals with an exercise routine that’s simple, motivating, and requires less time.

We are so happy to have you as part of the fit401 family and can’t wait to hear about your success in the coming year. Here’s to a happy, healthy, fit 2013!

*Contact us for your fit401 personalized program today.


Upper body beginner workout example:

2 sets each 12-15 repetitions moderate weight

Rest between sets = 60 seconds

  • Dumbbell (DB) bench press
  • Pull ups or Lat pull-down
  • Seated DB shoulder press
  • Seated alternating DB curl
  • Triceps cable extension
  • Front lateral raises

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